Saint-Gobain Quartz
Saint-Gobain Quartz


Saint-Gobain Quartz SAS is for more than 50 years a leading supplier of MICAVER® in the railways industry. MICAVER® is a mica-glass insulating material with many applications in the rail sector such as insulators. They are produced by over-moulding metallic inserts for use in rheostatic components for brakes, heating elements, electrical cable fixtures . MICAVER® has a very long life cycle, reducing maintenance costs for the railways companies. MICAVER® is used world-wide in locomotives, high speed trains and metros.

MICAVER® compounds holds a priviledged position among the wide variety of materials availables. They are positionned between plastics and ceramics in terms of temperature resistance, have the ability to be moulded like plastics, have the impact strength of plastics, have the durability, UV resistance and fire resistance of ceramics.  

Saint-Gobain Quartz has recently developped a new MICAVER® grade called MICAVER® HT; it can be used at higher temperature up to 700°C and its color is white.