Saint-Gobain Quartz
Saint-Gobain Quartz


Saint-Gobain Quartz has been actively present in the aerospace and military market, with materials made from fused quartz, such as Quartzel® fiber for insulation and dielectric composites, amorphous silica powder and transformed parts for investment casting processes, and Micaver parts for lamps sockets.


Quartzel® in Aeropace  

Saint-Gobain Quartz is the worldwide leader of Quartzel® fused quartz fiber, with 40 years of experience and innovation. A very high structural performance associated with high thermal resistance and low dielectric characteristics make Quartzel the material of choice for leading edge parts.
Our domain of expertise is mostly in:

  • Military aircraft radomes (fighters, bombers, surveillance)
  • Advanced missile radomes
  • Electromagnetic windows (countermeasure, jamming devices...)
  • Stealth materials (Missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Uninhabited
  • Combat Aerial Vehicles, fighters, bombers, ships, submarine...)
  • Civil aircraft radomes
  • SATCOM radomes (Television) & DBS radomes (television)
  • Aircraft engine environment such as fireproof cables, blankets for firewalls, thermal insulation, aircraft fuselage fire barriers
  • Thermal Protection systems of space launchers
  • Ablative atmospheric re-entry materials
  • Missile Exhaust cones (thermal insulation or ablative), rocket motors
  • Asbestos replacement 

Powders in Aerospace  
Our Amorphous Silica powders are used for the production of inserts for investment casting of metallic parts like turbine blades. The controlled purity, high thermal expansion gives to the inserts excellent thermal stability in the casting process. 

Micaver® in Aeropace
Micaver® is used for lamp sockets of high power lamps for aircraft.