Saint-Gobain Quartz
Saint-Gobain Quartz

Saint-Gobain Quartz has over 100 years of experience, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Fused Quartz and Fused Silica Products to a diverse set of industries ranging from Aerospace/Military, Industrial heating systems to Solar Cell manufacturing.  Non-quartz products are also available such as MICAVER® Insulators.

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We offer a variety of standard crucible products, and can also produce custom made containers per customer drawing using hot transformation of quartz.
We are the worldwide leader of Quartzel fused quartz fiber, supplying the widest fused quartz textile product range.
More than 50 years as a leading supplier of MICAVER® in the railways industry.
A Rigid Silica Board with unique combination of properties : Excellent Infrared reflectivity, Thermal insulation (up to1200°C) with Silica purity and inertness
A high performance Photocatalytic Media compatible with UV-A as UV-C for air or water purification purpose